Why choose Magdalen?

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There are a huge number of reasons to come join us at Magdalen, but we decided on these as our favourite parts! If you have any questions about life here in college, feel free to get in touch with our outreach team at @magdalenjcr on Instagram.

  1. Accommodation is provided for all years of your undergraduate degree. Most of the rooms are within the college itself, and the others are a maximum of three minutes walk from college. This is a massive bonus and not something all colleges can offer. There’s no risk of ending up on the other side of town from your friends.
  2. It’s beautiful! Most colleges are pretty, but Magdalen is particularly stunning, with several quads and extensive grounds, including Addison’s walk (where C. S. Lewis is said to have dreamt up Narnia), which are really handy for de-stressing walks. Magdalen Tower provides amazing views of Oxford, and is the focus of May Morning celebrations. There’s also a deer park or two (casually).
  3. Academic success. Magdalen came top of the Norrington table (which ranks colleges on finals results) in 2015, which is the first time in six years and has historically been a top college in this respect.
  4. Generous student support. Over 25% of Magdalen students receive some type of financial support during their studies. The college is committed to ensuring that financial hardship stops no one from studying here. Money is also available to support research projects and course-related trips abroad, as well as JCR funding for creative projects. Within the JCR committee, there are a number of people helping to make sure everyone gets a chance to take part in whatever they want to.
  5. Facilities. Extensive sports facilities, free gym membership, music practice rooms, free punting in the summer, and numerous pitches. Pool, table tennis, darts, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, a Sky Sports subscription, a huge DVD collection, the list goes on…
  6. Societies. Dynamic student societies, including music, drama, art, poetry, film and sports clubs all flourish, as do a number of discussion groups and subject-specific societies. You can learn more about our sports and societies in the tabs at the top of the page.
  7. Entertainment. The JCR Entz team throws parties (‘bops’) every fortnight for the whole JCR, as well as other groups and committee members hosting a number of other events throughout the year. These vary from garden parties, and Arts Weekend to karaoke nights and watching major sporting events in the OKB.
  8. Libraries. Our recently refurbished 24-hour college Longwall library (completed in 2014) and law library are really convenient, with Longwall Library boasting one of the best study spaces for members of the college in Oxford.
  9. A fun, friendly and inclusive student body, with a vibrant and welcoming LGBTQ+ community, a great welfare team, FemSoc, and a host of other social events and communities. Here at Magdalen, we do our best to make you feel right at home.
  10. May Day. One of our most famous annual events, the 1st of May is traditionally marked by Magdalen choir singing at dawn – students across the university party through the night and head to Magdalen Bridge at 6 AM to listen. Students from Magdalen are able to sit on cloisters lawn and watch from inside college if they choose