Magdalen College Music Society

From Magdalen College JCR

Magdalen College Music Society is one of Oxford’s most active student music societies. MCMS runs weekly Friday lunchtime recitals featuring performers from both in and out of College. They’re free, open to everyone, only about half an hour long and a great break from work! This year, we’re hoping to bring back the Magdalen College Orchestra – last year, the Orchestra performed Beethoven’s Eroica symphony which was a huge success! There are also many opportunities to get involved in the MCMS committee, whether it be running the Music Society’s social media presence or booking players to perform recitals. There will be more information about getting involved with the Music Society and ensembles at the Magdalen Freshers’ Fair. You do not need to be a music student to be involved in our society, we welcome students from any subject. If you love music and Magdalen, then we’d love you to get involved!